A company in an interview with CPRJ Chinese plastic rubber Adsale media
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Cui Hongbo, general manager of the company, said: the operation is simple, flexible and easy to machine is the original intention of their products.

Daige company founded in 1978, is located in the Italy Brescia area, has advanced manufacturing plant and strong R & D capability and high precision testing equipment, it has become one of the world's largest manufacturer of plastic machinery industry. In Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa, the company has sales and maintenance service center.

This International Exhibition on plastics and rubber industries, general manager of Daige company Cui Hongbo to accept the "CPRJ" Chinese plastic rubber reporter introduced the latest technology and product displays, exhibits include feeding machine, hot air dryer and centralized dehumidification dual-purpose type oil-water mold temperature machine and other products. The dryer can be used single and double type zeolite molecular sieve type, can be used for any parameter to control the temperature, time, weeks, timer switch, regeneration temperature setting etc.. According to the type of material, the process temperature can be selected automatically and the dew point value can be read directly. The drying barrel is made of 304 stainless steel material, and the insulation layer is filled with glass fiber with a thickness of 50 mm. There is no dead corner in the barrel body and a cleaning door. The material ratio valve a plurality of outlet for multiple host feeding.

"The company's market position is 30 years old. We have been providing technical solutions and high quality equipment for our customers in the past 30 years. Products include weight and volume type quantitative feeding device, feeding machine, hot air and desiccant dryer, mold temperature machine, mixing machine, cooling equipment and conveying equipment, etc.. The company also provides Daige central feeding system, central cooling system, pre crystallization molding equipment PET and personal computer can be used for monitoring the thickness control and quantitative extruder feeding device, the continued research and development of new technologies and equipment." Cui Hongbo said, the ideal machine is very simple to maintain after the purchase, the machine can work for a long time and even the customer can forget the existence of suppliers. And this operation is simple, flexible and easy to machine is the original intention of their products."