The manufactruing company (DEGA S.P.A.) was founded in 1978 by two especially injection molding industry with rich experience in the field of plastic processing, the company is located in brescia, Italy has the advanced manufacturing plants and powerful research and development ability and high precision testing equipment, has become one of the world's largest manufacturer of plastic auxiliary industry. DEGA S.P.A have 9 subsidiaries in the six areas at present, respectively are located in Europe(the Italy head office), Asian(China and India), America(America, Mexico and Chile). We have near 40 years history in the line of plastic processing, and during the 40 years, we have being provided the most effective way to solve the technical problems and high quality equipment. Dega products including gravimetric and volumetric quantitative feeding device, feeding machine, hot air and desiccant dryer, mold temperature machine, mixer, cooling equipment and transmission equipment, etc. Dega company also provides centralized feeding system, the central cooling system, the crystallization of PET preform equipment and can be used for personal computer monitoring the thickness of the extruder control and quantitative feeding device. In Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa have manufactruing company's sales and maintenance service center. Since it was founded in 1978, DEGA S.P.A long-term devoted into the development of plastic processing of auxiliary system and equipment and sale, and we have provided more than 2000 sets of automation system and more than 40000 sets of equipment for near 6000 customers in the field of plastic processing, and it has owned the acceptance of global companies.

   ChangZhou DEGA Machinery Co.Ltd is one of another subsidiaries in China which was established by DEGA S.P.A since they established DEGA Beijing Plastic Machinery Co.Ltd in 2006. The mainly products that Changzhou DEGA engage in are Gravimetric dosing machine, Concentrated feeder system, desiccant dryer, granule and powder conveying equipment, mold temperature machine, masterbatch machine, conveyors,  manipulators, metal separator and so on, products can be widely used in the fields of    plasticizing, food, medical and etc. In order to meet market demand, Dega insist innovation and solve problems of customer effectively, and it become your trustworthy partner in the field of plastic processing automation process.