General manager of the company in an interview with Carl Jung media
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  In the field of energy saving and environmental protection, respectively, for plastic raw materials dehumidification drying, mold temperature control, as well as the introduction of a cold water system can significantly reduce energy consumption equipment. In the dehumidification drying field, molecular sieve using last year launched a new weighing device for weighing and measuring sieve drying tower inside the water molecules for real-time monitoring of dehumidifier, according to moisture content determines the heating time, can greatly reduce the drying time, improve the drying efficiency, compared with the traditional molecular sieve dehumidifier energy-saving 40%.

In the mold temperature control, introduced the mold heating and cooling and combo devices, with separate cold water compared to machine and mold temperature machine, can save workshop equipment area, and achieve the purpose of saving energy by the same equipment in heat exchange. In the cold water system, introduced the ECO-ENERGY automatic temperature control system, this system can use in the winter low temperature condition, without the full power of cold water machine factory, through the cold air into the surrounding environment can achieve the desired cooling effect. The whole system need not be set, and the system can run automatically according to the ambient temperature. The system can also be connected with the geothermal system in the office, returning from the tooling or equipment circuit of the high temperature cooling water can be used as floor heating plant office, can not only save the cost of heating, but also can reduce the reflux temperature, prolong the service life of refrigeration equipment, energy saving. According to statistics, the use of wearing ECO-ENERGY system can save 50%.

In the material management, wear can provide customers with a turnkey project, installed the final commissioning from the layout design until workshop. Weighing type storage tank covering material, feed material conveying, automatic weighing and batching of color masterbatch and additives, mechanical hand nozzle material is taken out and water separation equipment and automatic nozzle online crushing and recycling products, automatic transmission to the sorting and the automatic metering and packing, have corresponding solutions. Through the whole system, the customer can realize the computer statistics for the consumption of the raw materials and accessories per shift, and seamlessly connect with the customer's ERP software to realize the automatic statistical function of the production data.

In the field of remote control equipment, the introduction of the Chinese side of the interface can be connected via the Internet control card, can be installed in the weighing metering equipment, PET crystallization equipment and large dehumidification drying equipment. The remote diagnosis and trouble shooting of the equipment can be carried out without the need of customers.