Italy Rubber & plastics machinery industry in the world for nearly half a century of top technology
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DOLCI - extrusion film production line

Italy plastics and rubber processing machinery and mold manufacturers association (ASSOCOMAPLAST) was founded in 1960, is a non-profit organization, has 160 members, is the most important production equipment and auxiliary equipment manufacturers Italy plastics and rubber mold in the field. Can visit the website according to the name of the member, product to see the details of these manufacturers.

The association is committed to the promotion of global plastics and rubber processing technology in Italy, its technology is the highest in the world, whether it is production or export.

The association through its commercial company PROMAPLAST SRL, published bimonthly technical publications in Italy MACPLAS, a circulation of 8000 copies, and launched a web version of MACPLAS ONLINE ( and half a period of electronic newspaper MACPLAS E-NEWS.

PROMAPLAST hosted three years of Milan International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition PLAST (, the seventeenth exhibition will be held on May 2015 5-9. The last exhibition (May 2012 8-12 day) attracted 50593 viewers from 121 countries and from the 58 countries of the 1514 exhibitors.

According to the Italy Bureau of foreign trade data for the first 9 months of 2013, the Association for the industry forecast.

Due to the expected economic recovery, a slight decline in exports (from January 2012 to September, the growth rate of -2.8%) can be made up by the fourth quarter. After months of negative growth, the Italy Federation of industry (CONFINDUSTRIA) Research Center recently identified early signs of economic recovery. Exports hit a new high in the industry, accounting for more than 65%, if the project to provide the company to lead the company to the entire line of foreign equipment exports to the production line to take into account, more than 70%.

While waiting for the final year of the final data, Italy plastics and rubber processing machinery manufacturers association is expected to be the same as the industrial output value in 2012, below 4 billion euros in 2014 is expected to cross this threshold.

Italy rubber and plastic machinery manufacturing industry import and export trade deficit (although only 2%), ranking the top in Europe, second only to the surplus of German rubber and plastic machinery manufacturing industry.

Italy plastics and rubber processing machinery manufacturers Association recently conducted a survey among its member companies, the survey results show that generally cautious optimism or pessimism weakened. Among them, half of respondents said their revenue in the second half of the first half of the year on the basis of recovery; more than 40% of respondents said that in November last year, the volume of orders compared with the growth in October 2013 and in November 2012.

In the past thirty years, China has become the traditional destination market of plastic and rubber machinery in Italy, the annual total sales remained stable at more than 100 million euros.

2013 1-9 months, Italy plastic machinery exports to China fell year on year, but, if compared with the recent 3 years overall, there is a growth of 2%.

It is worth mentioning that the extruder and extrusion production line in the total amount of exports accounted for a large proportion of these equipment and production lines are of high added value, and often in accordance with the special requirements of customers tailored. This proves that Italy manufacturers have the ability to provide the advanced technology of producing high quality and high yield products in line with international safety standards. These characteristics make it can meet the requirements for their products China processors customized equipment, the transformation of the existing equipment.

Because of this, in the upcoming Chinese Chinaplas 2014 CHINAPLAS, Italy exhibitors number: more than and 50 companies, a total exhibition area of 1700 square meters. The specific list of exhibitors can be found through the official exhibitor database.

Italy Pavilion booth located in hall E2, as usual, by ASSOCOMAPLAST (booth E55) organization.