Auxiliary equipment new technology to facilitate processing
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Material fetching machine and dryer

Dega is designed for use in the injection molding machine AVP series material fetching machine, suitable for removing material or parts from the mold region (with the gripping device and the vacuum generator). Damping pneumatic cylinder and large solenoid valve can greatly shorten the pumping cycle time. The use of sister company Dega Automation programming software, through manual control can be stable and accurate monitoring of all cycle time, each action can be displayed on the screen. The selection of standard procedures simple and fast: in memory of 4 preset programs can call and modify. In addition, you can also create a new program, and stored in the memory. Operating functions, such as vacuum line, part grab verification, and picking up parts from the moving plate and the fixed plate, can be conveniently selected through the key on the hand-held controller.

Dega also recently launched a new model for small batch drying DD60-R, which is a small desiccant dryer, equipped with 60m3/h rotor. The rotor is fixed in a rotating container, which is divided into three chambers, each of which has different functions. By using this system, the treated air is discharged from the rotor with the highest dew point, which eliminates the chain reaction in the traditional system. Under dry condition, the dew point of industrial compressed air (6-15 bar) is 3-5. When compressed air expands to normal pressure, the dew point drops to -20 DEG C to -28. The use of Series AC micro desiccant dryer, you can achieve a stable average dew point: -18.

For small batch products, the equipment is very convenient, because the unit energy consumption and traditional dehumidifying dryer, also has the following advantages: small space, a special temperature control software, fine control of low pressure air insulation hopper with hinged lid, and fixed on the socket adapter in the air diffuser.   


              AVP series of Dega company's new head design out machine, can quickly remove the stability of injection machine material or parts.


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